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Aerial + Yoga


Laura leads workshops in aerial silk choreography, vertical conditioning, and technique.

In addition, she has over a decade experience teaching Bikram Yoga across the United States.

Laura's teaching style inspires newcomers and challenges seasoned practitioners to dig deeper. She is a master at tailoring instruction to the bodies that are in front of her- everyone walks away learning something new. 


She has completed 1,000+ hours of continuing education, including working with cadavers and anatomy in clay. See more of her experience HERE.


"When I say I've "experienced" Laura, I mean it. Her class is an experience. She opens the mind to areas of each pose never thought before. She takes each class to a new level that every student (regardless of ability) can benefit."

Former Student Dallas Texas

"As an older student I appreciated her clear instructions, strong voice, and 

personal attention."

Former Student  Bellingham Washington

"She never seized to set a good example at the studio of ultimate presence."

Former Student Bellingham Washington

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